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Emma Bonino

Italian politician

The knowledge of a language is the most important instrument to know a country and its people … How can we solve the problem of immigration if we don’t know the reasons why people leave their country? On this side or on the other side of the “lake”, we need to understand how to live together.”

Cairo, Egypt. November 2003

Amr Moussa

Egyptian politician and diplomat (he was the secretary general of the Arab League until June 2011

“There is always a space for a change. And all of us here, in Egypt an in the other Muslim countries, feel that we have to change. I would like to say to ‘westerners’ that, first of all, the Arab world is not their enemy. But secondly, that doesn’t mean that the Arab world should be considered simply a source of fortune. And thirdly, it could very well be their friend. There is no problem between Muslims, Christians and Jews. The problems stands in politics.” 

Cairo, Egypt. July 2003

Christine Beddoe

Director of “ECPAT UK Protecting children everywhere”

(interviewed after the 77 trafficked Chinese children disappear from Heathrow)
“A new report was launched by a UK parliamentary committee today on human trafficking. They have made very strong statements about missing children. The Committee has called on the government to conduct a national study on missing children, suspected trafficked. Also the Prime Minister announced in parliament on the day after the newspaper article (on The Guardian) an immediate investigation into the 77 missing children to be conducted by the Home Secretary and the Secretary of State for Children. ECPAT UK is calling for a system of guardianship for all suspected trafficked children and national standards of safe accommodation”.

from London (Great Britain), May 2009

Mohamed Abdel Salam El Mahggoub

Governor of Alexandria until August 2006

“Developing and modernizing a city is the vision for the future. Step by step, the citizens and I will reach this goal: Alexandria will become again the best city on the Mediterranean, a place that everyone wants to see.”

Alexandria, Egypt. October 2003

People of Birmingham (Alabama, U.S.A.)

(during Presidential Election 2009)

Adrian Mazur (23 years old student voting McCain): “I have been waiting in line for long, having enough time to think before voting. If Obama wins I won’t be happy, but by then there won’t be anything for anyone to do about it. From the new President I am expecting ‘change’!
Branson Eubanks (25 years old Information Technology Specialist voting McCain): “I feel that people only vote for Obama because he is black. In an attempt to offset a “black” vote, I voted white. I do not have a problem with a black president but some people vote for him because he is black. Right now both candidates are white so it’s never about race, it’s about issues. With Obama I will be very afraid for our country, I hope he will be able to get U.S.A. straightened out.

Chris Dewberry (25 years old Digital Image Reproduction Specialist voting Obama): “Candidates’ skin color did not influence my decision. If Obama wins I will feel relieved and have some faith restored in this country and its people.
I voted Obama because I expect him to be able to help our economy rebound and also to restore America’s reputation in the world as country that is cooperative and respected instead of overly proud and isolationist like it has been leaning for the last 8 years”.

Dan Watkins (25 years old Accountant Clerk voting Obama): “I am honestly not expecting huge changes, but I am hoping to see the politics of this country move a little closer to the center after the heavy conservative shift of the last decade. I would like to see the president wrap up the war in Iraq and focus our spending on more domestic goals. I would also like to see a more liberal attitude toward stem cell research”.

Brett Lass (24 years old Data and Inventory with Verizon Wireless voting Obama): “I’ll be happy if Obama wins, looking forward to seeing what the democrats will do with this mess. I’m expecting the new president to at least put the US in a better direction in the war and in our financial and housing crisis”.

Brett Short (25 years old Retail Manager voting Ralph Nader): “Yes, I voted. I did not vote for Obama or McCain. I voted for the Independent candidate, Ralph Nader. With Obama I will be glad that the Republican party is out of office . Otherwise, nothing unusual: empty promises and failed goals!”.

Birmingham, Alabama (U.S.A.), November 2008