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Emma Bonino
Italian politician
The knowledge of a language is the most important instrument to know a country and its people … How can we solve the problem of immigration if we don’t know the reasons why people leave their country? On this side or on the other side of the “lake”, we need to understand how to live together.”
Cairo, Egypt. November 2003

Amr Moussa
Egyptian politician and diplomat (he was the secretary general of the Arab League until June 2011
“There is always a space for a change. And all of us here, in Egypt an in the other Muslim countries, feel that we have to change. I would like to say to ‘westerners’ that, first of all, the Arab world is not their enemy. But secondly, that doesn’t mean that the Arab world should be considered simply a source of fortune. And thirdly, it could very well be their friend. There is no problem between Muslims, Christians and Jews. The problems stands in politics.”
Cairo, Egypt. July 2003

Mohamed Abdel Salam El Mahggoub
governor of Alexandria until August 2006
“Developing and modernizing a city is the vision for the future. Step by step, the citizens and I will reach this goal: Alexandria will become again the best city on the Mediterranean, a place that everyone wants to see.”
Alexandria, Egypt. October 2003