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Samih Sawiris
one of the three well-known Sawiris brothers, leaders in Egypt’s business world
“Popular? No, I don’t think we are very popular. Education, timing and my father’s background are the three points that have contributed to our success as a business family. When I si and just think on how many things can be done yet, I run out of time”.
Cairo, Egypt. October 2003

Antonio Arévalo Andriola
Los Lingues Resident Manager
“Many famous families have lived here. Jofréy Montero de Aguilla has built this property in 1650 and spent over a century in this place. The families Lira and Claro have come after him.”
Santiago, Chile. November 2002

Norbert Schiller
“In my job I always have this philosophy: I do what I do, I never stayed, I shoot and leave!”
Cairo, Egypt. July 2003