Arabs in Milan

The Arab community in Italy is not only violence, but also culture and civilization. Some of the Arab intellectuals living in Milan decided to show up and talk about themselves.

Although their wish of integration is strong, they confess that in Italy communication between Italians and Arabs is still too weak.

Ostiense Station

Ostiense Station is a desolate area of Rome. It is also a meeting point for many Afghan refugees living in Italy.
They temporarily sleep inside a ‘hole’, waiting to be transferred to Germany, Great Britain and France.

Silvia Dogliani’s investigation for (four stories reportage).

West Bank. Stones and Olive Trees

A documentary by Laura Silvia Battaglia
Photographs by Silvia Dogliani and Giulio Finotti

State of Israel. Occupied territories. Non violent resistance. Is this apartheid? Is this terrorism? Attacks: from who? For what? Houses of who? Settlements. Where? Justice: when?
City of Jerusalem: the city of who? This is the never ending war in the Middle East. Rights and duties.