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Parinya Jaroenphon (detta Nong Toom)
transsexual boxer
“When I was seven, I thought: ‘I want to be a woman one day!’.
Then I turned 14: I put makeup and started to wear women’s clothes.
At 17 I wanted to have a real ‘boyfriend,’ as every woman has.”

Bangkok, Thailand. November 2007

buddhist monk
“I was afraid to go to hell after my death. I wanted to be sure not to do that atrocious end. My fate is marked, my present is here and here it will remain until I will be alive.”
Deqen (Yunnan) China. May 1999

‘Dalit’ gem cutter
“More gems I cut, more they pay me. I must be careful, however, not to cut them too quickly. The risk of wasting material is there, and therefore the risk of loosing money …. If I get sick or I get pregnant of course I do not get paid.”
Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu) India. February 1996