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Emma Bonino
(speaking about the new regulation in Egypt against FGM)
Emma Bonino is very happy about the new regulation in Egypt against Female Genital Mutilation. For long time, together with the Egyptian diplomat Moushira Khattab, she has been fighting the FGM. The Senator does not seem to be afraid of the ‘exception’ which appears in the new regulation. “To be honest I am not worried about the ‘quibble’” she says “What scares me more is that laws in Egypt, as often happen in Italy as well, don’t go forward”. Bonino hopes that this new rule will be defended and applied. She also whishes that the other International NGO keep working on the campaign as “We are doing, although a bit alone – she emphasizes – with NPWJ in Liberia, Eritrea, Djibouti”. Then she says “The Egyptian example surely helps us!”
Rome (Italy), June 2008

Mona Mansour
Eguptian gynecologist
Female Genital Mutilation cases (FGM) arrive also in Italy with immigrants. Mona Mansour, Egyptian gynecologist working in Milan at San Paolo Hospital, speaks about them. “The Arabic woman has grown thinking that sexuality was an unapproachable territory” explains us. “It is more a duty, than a pleasure”. The Doctor confesses us to have had FGM demands since she works here in Italy. “Egyptian mothers are normally the one who ask me to practice the FGM to their daughters as they cannot return to their home country to do it”. But Mona has always refused. “I see it like an habit of the past, during Pharaohs, when people tried to eliminate women sense of pleasure in order to make them concentrate only on the heaviest work of that time”. Then she concludes “The woman has been created by God with her body, her clitoris and her vulva. The sexuality is something, which belongs to us. Why should we eliminate it?”
Milan (Italy), June 2008