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junior clerk at the Federal court house of Birmingham (Alabama)
She prefers not to have her name associated with the article and uses a fake one. She speaks frankly over the new insurance plan on obese state employee, known as ‘fat tax’. The plan provides a discount on the premium to the obese, who choose to see a doctor free of charge for health screenings. “There is nothing positive about it. It is intrusive and where will they draw the line? Everyone who does things that are detrimental to their health, should be taxed. What about people who continue to work in a highly stressful job, and therefore smoke, drink alcohol, overeat, take drugs or take too much medication?” she asks while emphasizing that by statistics the third leading cause of death in USA is death by prescription medication. “They go to see doctors or to pharmacies which drive up health care costs. How much is too much?” she asks herself. “ Back to reality she ends saying “This doesn’t apply to me, but if it did, I would abide by the new ‘tax’ rule and go to my doctor!”
Birmingham (Alabama), November 2008

Egyptian farmer
“My mother took me by hand to the new bedroom, where my young groom was waiting impatient. They exchanged an accomplice look and made me sit on the big bed” says Rania, remembering the first day of her marriage in the small village north of CairoHer look is faraway, her voice is imperceptible, as she were afraid of being listening. “My mother rolled up my husband’s finger with a white gauze. She knew already what it would have happened to me. I was scared to death. Then she opened my legs, preparing the access for the man’s finger penetration”
North of Cairo (Egypt), June 2008