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Muhammad Eid Al-Shaleh
Syrian musician
“Mutual interest is a fundamental pillar in the construction of multi-ethnic society … I think now to be many ‘myself’, as many as may be human environments in which I could find myself living.”
Milan, Italy. April 2007

Meriem Benkortbi
Algerian designer
“Integration depends on people’s social background, which is often quite poor in several Arab countries” says Mariem. ”Lots of Arabs are afraid when they arrive in Italy. Arab world is mainly tradition. Integrisme, fear and war make confusion and push backwards the new generation”
Milan, Italy. May 2007

Brett Short
Retail manager
“Good goals for the wrong reasons!” says Brett Short, retail manager of Trussville. “It is a negative thing in the same way that bribing children for good grades is a negative thing. People should want to be healthy, not to be told that they need to be healthy. A person’s choice involving their own body should not in any way be a factor in how much money they pay in taxes!” he ends while giving us his point of view on the new insurance premium introduced in Alabama to encourage (or penalize!) obese state workers to have health screenings”
Birmingham – Alabama (U.S.A.), November 2008