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Barbara Dalusio
employee (with a great passion for motorcycles)
“When I’m riding a motorcycle I don’t need anybody at my side. I feel satisfied, omnipotent. I have everything. I do not miss anything. This is certainly the best way that I know to release any kind of tension.”
Milan, Italy. November 1997

Fawzi Al Delmi
Iraqi poet
“The immigrant is always someone who brings new values and new culture. He is a source of richness. He comes to give, not to take away …. Ours is a passage and we will always be guests …. My project against the war is to promote the knowledge of the Arab culture and let people know that the Arab world is not only violence, but also culture and civilization.”
Milan, Italy. April 2007

Nassef Saoudi
guardian at the mausoleum of the City of the Dead in Cairo
“I used to be a tailor, but when I retired I decided to inherit my father’s job and I became the guardian of the mausoleum where we stand now. Ahmed Khairy Pasha was the owner of this place … He was a rich man … Almost all the members of his family were buried here … His relatives know me since I was a child and when I asked them to work in this mausoleum, they welcomed me with joy. They take care of everything and they pay my bills. They also give me a small amount of money. Today I have a salary and a house free of charge.”
Cairo, Egypt. November 2003