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Omar Sharif
“I like not to know myself. The less I know about myself, the happier
I am, because I love to surprise myself!”

Paris, France. September 2003

Zahi Hawass
“At the end of November of last year we started a big project in Luxor” says Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt. I met the archaeologist in his office in Zamalek, the residential area of Cairo… In a short peaceful moment Hawass took a paper and a pen and drew a sketch, with his usual enthusiasm. “None of the 63 tombs found in the Valley of the King have been officially discovered by Egyptian archaeologists. This new excavation is all Egyptian, run by my team of Giza” says with determination. “We began our work between the tombs of Merenptah and Ramesses II. I believe that the tomb of Ramesses VIII could be located in this area, behind this stone”…
Cairo (Egypt), June 2008

Ali Hussein Hassoun
Lebanese painter
“Someone can be opened without losing his roots and traditions. The real “jihad” is not the war, but the effort to understand what is around you, to see God in the other, to have respect for others, for the human person, without necessarily being absorbed or neutralized. Here in Italy I am a painter. I have a freedom of expression and belief which I would never have in Lebanon! “
Milan, Italy. April 2007